White Discharge During Pregnancy: What’s Normal and When to Seek Help

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Dr. Manu Lakshmi

13 Sep 2023

Vaginal Discharge:

Vaginal discharge is a fluid that cleans and moistens your vagina. It prevents infections from growing in your vagina. This discharge changes over the course of your menstrual cycle and also during pregnancy.

It also varies from person to person — it may be a heavy discharge for some people while others may have a lighter discharge. It should be clear, white or cream-coloured and should not be pungent.

Vaginal Discharge During Pregnancy:

You might experience more vaginal discharge when you become pregnant. This is referred to as leucorrhoea. It happens due to a higher level of the hormones called oestrogen and progesterone in pregnancy. The discharge prevents infections from traveling up the vagina into the womb.

The quantity of discharge increases as the pregnancy progresses. In the pregnancy’s last week, it may contain streaks of sticky and pink mucus. This is known as a “show”. It happens when the mucus that’s been present in your cervix during pregnancy exits your vagina. It is a sign that the body is preparing to give birth.

When to Seek Help:

Vaginal discharge is a normal and healthy part of pregnancy. However, if your discharge becomes irregular due to any infection then you must inform a doctor.

There are two infections that are more common during pregnancy: vaginal thrush and bacterial vaginosis.

If you have thrush, your discharge may be thick and white, accompanied by pain and itching. Fortunately, this infection will not harm your baby. During your pregnancy you can be tested if you have symptoms.

If you have bacterial vaginosis, you may have grey or green discharge which may also be watery with a fishy smell. You might experience itchiness and discomfort.

The Chennai Gynaecology Clinic has experience in treating abnormal vaginal discharge. If you are pregnant and suffer from this condition, we will be happy to treat you.

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