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Dr. Manu Lakshmi

29 Jan 2021

Expanding indications for IVF and increased access to IVF as a treatment for infertility has increased the demand for top IVF clinics. IVF is a sophisticated procedure, making it a time testing, emotionally exhausting, and expensive journey for most couples. Choosing the best IVF clinic can be a challenge as most clinics may not have the means to offer advanced IVF techniques in a cost-effective manner.

Indications for treatment at Top IVF clinic

The decision to take the chances of success with IVF is based on the couple’s probability to justify the indications, risks, and costs of the treatment. IVF was originally performed in couples with no chances of natural conception resulting from bilateral tubal pathology in women or severe subfertility in men. Recent indications include male/female subfertility with chances of natural conception that may or may not be better over IVF. Presently, common indications considered for IVF include:

  • Tubal occlusion
  • Tubal pathology
  • Cervical hostility
  • Ovulation induction failure
  • Poor egg quality
  • Endometriosis
  • Low sperm and semen parameters
  • Genetic diseases
  • Unexplained male/female infertility

Why choose Top IVF clinic?

IVF effectiveness is defined as the cumulative incidence of live delivery over real-time in women after commencing IVF treatment. The overall success rates of IVF limited within the range of 30% to 35% every embryo transfer implies that most couples do not achieve pregnancy in the first cycle. The top IVF clinic primarily aims for higher chances of success in the first IVF cycle. For a couple to know that top experts are doing the best to optimize the chances of IVF success, makes all the difference. An ideal IVF center is vital to the success in achieving pregnancy and the deciding determinants of the function of IVF care are people, procedures, equipment, and the laboratory design.

Consulting with skilled, experienced IVF specialist at Top IVF clinic

The success of the IVF cycle often relies on the approach towards the indication. The personality, knowledge, and skills of the infertility specialist capable of taking initiatives and improving the treatment are an absolute requirement for the right approach and successful IVF cycle.

Communication skills are a major asset to connect with staff, patients, and society. Depth of knowledge and wide experience sufficient to analyze and solve problems from basic physiological principles is of utmost importance in carrying out IVF procedures.

Selecting well-equipped Top IVF clinic

The use of the latest technology in IVF treatment and state-of-the-art procedure rooms with international standard IVF lab is the foremost essentials in selecting the best equipped IVF clinic. Maintaining a clean air unit for best air quality control in the IVF laboratory as a factor for the embryos to grow healthy is a marker for selecting a top-class IVF center.

Well-designed atmosphere at Top IVF and genecology clinic

The location of the clinic in Chennai city and the ambiance of the in-house clinical facilities are carefully considered while presenting the right IVF care. A non-sterile and a strictly sterile area are the two areas a well-designed IVF center should have. The non-sterile area must comprise a reception area, patient waiting room, medical procedure rooms, doctors consultation and examination rooms, storage rooms for equipment, utensils and pharmaceuticals, recovery rooms, autoclave room, semen collection room, etc. The sterile area must be strictly controlled for entry with an anteroom for changing footwear and garments. The sterile area should consist of the operation theatre, a room for intrauterine transfer of sperm or embryos, and an adjoining sperm processing laboratory.

women in different age groups present with different fertility concerns, which need to be appropriately addressed. Fertility centers inclusive of women’s health care services that offer cutting edge technologies with superlative care and an additional range of services such as assisted deliveries, management of high-risk pregnancies/late pregnancies are an added advantage.

Qualified team at Top IVF and Gynaecology clinic

A qualified team in their area of responsibility and performance that meets set standards is a big plus for an efficient IVF and pregnancy care clinic. Having the right people is the critical factor in offering the best fertility treatment. Best pregnancy care center ensures consistent and continuous education and training of staff to deliver quality care. Pleasing and welcoming staff bring in a highly appealing atmosphere at the top IVF and gynecology clinic.

Patient centred care at Top IVF clinic

There are multiple factors that couples have to weigh when making decisions about medical testing and treatment for infertility. At the top IVF clinic, it is important to deliver “patient-centered” fertility care that is sensitive to their preferences, needs, and values. Accounting for dimensions of treatment that the couple weighs when making decisions about the way to bring a child to their family makes it a perfect patient-centered fertility center.

Cost-effective treatment at Top IVF clinic

The cost of IVF treatment is highly variable. It so happens that couples settle for cheaper treatments, eventually wasting a lot of money before they reach a good IVF clinic. IVF centers that focus on affordable services to offer the best value for money are a better choice than centers that guarantee success at a cheaper rate. The additional cost in IVF cycles always varies with individual needs, such as medications, different requirements like surgical sperm extraction, genetic testing, donor eggs and sperm, sperm or egg banking, or surrogacy. The best way to reduce IVF cost is to aim for maximum success from the first IVF cycle at the best IVF clinic.

Facts to know of the Top IVF clinic

On the decision to undergo IVF, it is suggested that the couple assess the treatment center before starting the procedure. Following are some facts to know of the top IVF clinic:

  • The pregnancy ratio per embryo transfer
  • The pregnancy rate for couples in the same age group and with similar fertility problem
  • The live birth rate each year for all couples who undergo IVF procedure at the facility
  • The number of twin or multiple births out of the total live deliveries
  • Cost of the IVF procedure including the cost of the hormone treatments
  • Duration and cost towards embryo storage
  • Availability of egg donation program
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