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Dr. Manu Lakshmi

7 Jan 2020

Hey there! This is Dr Manu, consultant Best Gynecologist in Chennai.

At the outset, I would like to welcome you to Dr Manu’s Gynecology Clinic. So, in this blog post we are going to discuss about maternity diet Tips.

Natural birth is something that many pregnant women hope to experience. The plan to have a natural, unmedicated and intervention-free birth sounds wonderful, and it is a choice that must be decided based on the mother and the baby’s wellbeing. According to WHO, only 85% of the women can have non-medicated natural birth while the other 15% require medications such as a C-section.

In the latest times, normal deliveries have become more and more uncommon and ‘pain-free’ birth has become the norm. The major benefit of a c-section is to save a mother’s or a baby’s life. Natural birth has been proven the safest and gentlest choice for you and your baby.

What is a normal delivery?

It is the natural way of bringing your child into the world without any medication or intervention. It is natural to have normal childbirth unless you have any complications. Here are some benefits of normal delivery and why you should keep your birthing process as normal as possible.

  • Your labour is shorter when epidurals and painkillers are used they slow down the contractions and increase the labouring period. Your pushes will not be in sync with the rhythm of your body. In the absence of medications, your pushes are timed and the labour is shorter
  • Epidurals can lead to your body being pumped with more medications such as uterine stimulants or delivery assisted by vacuum or forceps. This may not be detrimental to your or your baby’s health and dilutes the natural process.
  • It is significantly healthier. It takes shorter recovery time and your baby receives protective bacteria from the birth canal which boosts their immune system. Passing through the birth canal expels excess amniotic fluid from the lungs lowering the risk of respiratory diseases
  • Babies delivered naturally adapt to breastfeeding easily than C-section babies who have abnormal suckling behaviour and have trouble latching.
  • You will feel more connected and alert of your body without the use of drugs
  • Natural delivery speeds up your post-delivery recovery period. You can walk around and indulge in physical activity without affecting your health. Your body naturally produces pain-relieving and calming hormones called endorphins.
  • Women who give birth naturally feel more confident and empowered. It makes you feel stronger
  • Shorter stay in hospital compared to a c-section birth and no major surgery. C-section is considered as major surgery, with natural birth, you will not just escape going under the knife but also numerous health risks associated with it such as severe bleeding, scarring, infection, and pain.
  • It is easier to develop a bond with your baby
  • Babies born with normal delivery are less likely to suffer from breathing difficulties while compared to babies born with C-section. This is due to muscles that work to push the baby out during a normal delivery also squeezes out the fluid from the baby’s lungs.
  • Your baby’s immune system gets a big boost because of the dose of good bacteria it receives when passing through the birth canal. These bacteria help in strengthening the baby’s immune and digestive system.

Now that you know the benefits that come with natural birth and have chosen or planned to have one? Here are some tips you can follow if you are hoping to go natural

  • Pick a doctor with a higher normal delivery rate. Make your preference for normal delivery clear with your doctor.
  • Know the whole process of normal vaginal delivery and what your body and you may experience. Understand the benefits of natural birth, and what your body will go through during the process of birthing. Get all your doubts cleared by your doctor and enrol in prenatal classes.
  • Eat dates. Studies have shown that eating dates have been beneficial for having an easier and faster labour experience. 60-80 grams of dates every day around a month before the due date has been proven beneficial during labour. This is due to a similar chemical compound to oxytocin that is present in dates. Oxytocin is the hormone which causes contractions, they have been proven to dilate your cervix
  • Squats. Doing squats daily can be more beneficial for a normal delivery than you think. It is the most beneficial exercise for every woman preparing for a vaginal delivery close to her due date. One can use a medicine ball, keeping it between the lower back and the wall and rotating the toes and knees as wide apart as possible. It is recommended to do 15 squats daily in this position for a great delivery experience.
  • Sleeping and resting well is one of the easiest tips to follow and is also the most effective. Stressful and an important event like labour requires you to be calm, and a well rest can help you adapt to the situation easily. When you are expecting you should sleep at least seven hours or more every day for a faster and smoother labour
  • Healthy snacking. Your cravings or hunger might go wild during the early stage of labour. Eat light snacks to curb our hunger and avoid fatty foods which can give you a heartburn and also hinder the process of childbirth. Fruits like bananas or apples or snacks like yoghurt, smoothies will boost your energy during labour.
  • Childbirth classes. Pregnancy is all about learning and experiencing new things. It is always good to be prepared for the moment of childbirth in advance to make sure everything goes according to your plan, a childbirth class can help you in this. It also helps in relieving the pressure faced by parents and helps them to be prepared for everything from the moment the water-breaks to labour tips that can be beneficial
  • Breathing techniques. Labour can be an extremely painful experience breathing helps to tolerate the pain and relax. It can also be useful for rhythmic contractions and help with the pushing process. Breathing also ensures that the body has enough oxygen and the mother does not pass out due to the tremendous labour pain and cramps.
  • A good support team. In a stressful situation, every mother can be accompanied by her partner to give support and care through the birthing process.
  • Do not gain too much weight. Labour tends to go more smoothly for women who are not overweight. They have fewer complications and require less medical intervention. Eat healthy throughout your pregnancy, especially foods that will help your child-birth process easier.
  • Consider a doula, an experienced doula can be invaluable during labour and delivery. A doula is a woman who is experienced in supporting you during childbirth
  • Stay hydrated. Water is a vital element when you are pregnant. Labour exposes your body to great stress and you will need extra water to stay hydrated. Your body gets a lot of stamina and energy with water You can also stock on fluids such as fresh juices or healthy energy drinks. This is one of the most important tips for normal delivery.
  • Apart from drinking water, you can use water to make the labour process easier. Hydrotherapy can help beat stress and reduce discomfort and pain during labour. Bathtubs, birthing pools, showers can help ease pain and offer relaxation. Keep the temperature of normal to avoid harm to your unborn baby
  • Regular perineal massages can help your body get ready for normal delivery. You can start with these massages once you enter your seventh month. It helps you deal with labour and manage stress
  • Keep an eye on your postures. An aligned body can help the baby glide smoothly. Standing and sitting for extended periods, sleeping in awkward positions could misalign your body.
  • Exercise regularly. Exercises such as walking, swimming are highly recommended for pregnant women. Mild exercises will build your stamina and keep you active during pregnancy
  • Eating spicy food! Many women swear by this trick that eating spicy foods can make your body warmer and encourage normal delivery. Bromelain rich foods can stimulate labour and soften the cervix are good too. Foods such as mango, pineapple are rich in Bromelain, do not consume these foods in excess as you may go into premature labour
  • Prenatal yoga. Yoga can be a good way to a healthier body and mind but can also be beneficial during labour and delivery. Some yoga positions are perfect for pregnancy as they help release lower and back tension
  • Distract yourself. Labour can last up to 12-15 hours, breathing in and put and trying to get contractions can wear out the mother. It is better to do something relaxing such as taking a shower or listening to music. This can provide an easier delivery experience
  • Vitamins are important. Consuming vitamins such as vitamins A, B, C and E are essential to maintain a hormonal balance in the later stages of pregnancy and to tone your uterus to have a normal delivery with little or no medical interventions. Vitamin K helps in reducing clotting and reduces the chance of haemorrhage after birth. Vitamins A, B, C, and E must be consumed naturally through fresh fruits or vitamin supplements on a daily basis, and Vitamin K must be consumed by eating green leafy vegetables like spinach.

Following these 20 easy and essential tips can help you in making your childbirth experience an easier and simple.

ours with lots of love

Dr Manu Lakshmi ( Best Doctor for normal Delivery in Chennai)

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