How to Deal with Pregnancy Fatigue?

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Dr. Manu Lakshmi

16 Nov 2023

What is Pregnancy Fatigue?

Pregnant women often suffer from tiredness and exhaustion. These symptoms can cause fatigue, called pregnancy fatigue. This fatigue most commonly begins in the first trimester, goes away in the second trimester and returns in the third trimester. 

You may experience it as a continuous lack of energy. During your pregnancy, you might find it difficult to get up in the morning or you may want to fall asleep as soon as you reach home in the evening. 

The causes of pregnancy fatigue are different for different trimesters. 

Pregnancy fatigue in the first trimester is caused by:

  • Building the placenta:

Throughout the duration of your first trimester, your body is creating the placenta, an organ that develops during pregnancy that supplies nutrients and oxygen to your baby with nutrients and oxygen necessary. 

  • Your hormones:

The primary cause of pregnancy fatigue is the increased production of the hormone progesterone which supports your pregnancy. Progesterone can cause mood swings and is also a natural sedative, therefore an increased concentration of this hormone can be tiring

  • Increased blood supply:

Because your body is pumping extra blood to your baby you may feel fatigued. This is because this requires extra energy from your body.

Pregnancy fatigue in the second trimester is caused by:

  • The increase in size of your baby bump:

Since your baby is growing, the amount of weight that you are carrying is more than earlier on in your pregnancy and this extra weight can be exhausting.

  • Pregnancy insomnia and other symptoms:

Pregnancy symptoms like heartburn, backache and restless leg syndrome may make it difficult for you to sleep.

  • Stress:

If you become stressed by the pregnancy and the tasks and work involved in it it may cost you your sleep and energy.

Tips for Dealing with Pregnancy Fatigue:

Growing a baby will take a toll on your body. As your body changes, follow these tips to combat any pregnancy fatigue that you might experience:

  • Eat healthy foods:

Eating nutrient-rich foods will help stabilise your energy levels. Focus on meals that include protein and complex carbs.

  • Make your bedroom dark before sleeping:

In order for your body to sleep deeply, your bedroom must be dark with no lights on and no light entering into it. Cover your windows with black curtains, turn off any of your digital clocks and unplug your nightlights that glow.

  • Make your bedtime at an earlier time:

Get an extra hour of sleep every night. It will cause an increase in your energy levels during the day. You should aim to sleep a total of seven to eight hours, anymore than that can actually leave you feeling more tired.

Can Pregnancy Fatigue Affect Your Baby?

For most pregnant women, fatigue during their pregnancy is completely normal. In most cases it will not harm your baby. It is merely a sign that you need to get rest. However, if your fatigue becomes severe and persists throughout your pregnancy, talk to your medical practitioner. Sometimes such severe cases of pregnancy fatigue may be a sign of a more serious condition that needs treatment.

If you are suffering from severe pregnancy fatigue then come to the Chennai Gynaecology Clinic. We will guide you during your pregnancy to help you overcome your fatigue.

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