Does Stress Trigger Premature Menopause?

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Dr. Manu Lakshmi

18 Aug 2022

A female begins menstruating or has periods during her puberty. It leads to monthly bleeding caused by the uterus’s lining shedding. Healthy women have regular periods that is, every month. However, certain women with underlying health concerns may have more irregular periods.

Some women face early menopause, before the age of 45. Various factors like genetic predispositions, autoimmune disorders, chronic smoking, severe stress, and other underlying and pre-existing diseases can cause early menopause. 

Also, procedures like bilateral oophorectomies, hysterectomies, chemotherapy, and radiation can cause early menopause. Women with certain autoimmune disorders such as rheumatoid arthritis, Turner’s syndrome, and endometriosis may lead to the early depletion of sex hormones.

Early menopause, however, might have its own set of health issues. In such situations, get treated by the Best Gynaecologist in Chennai who can provide you guidance and treatment.

Stress And Menopause-

Several lifestyle changes, including drinking and smoking, inconsistent sleeping patterns, poor nutritional choices, and stress, are experienced by men and even women. And modern livelihood has fundamentally altered everyone’s way of life. Stress can be a common occurrence for certain menopausal women. It is a sensation of being too stressed on both an emotional and bodily level. Stress can further lead to discomfort and problems in sleep, also cause headaches, and reduce concentration or focus levels. It leads to poor diet causing the problem in the gut or weakness. 

The conditions trigger hormonal imbalance, acne, and other issues including early menopause. Persistently high-stress levels result in menopausal-like symptoms but do not cause menopause. It is because if cortisol levels are consistently high, there is less oestrogen in the body to control cortisol levels. When under prolonged stress, women with certain autoimmune illnesses may potentially experience early menopause or premature ovarian failure. Stress hormones affect how well cell mitochondria work, which modifies cellular energy. When this happens, it reduces the capacity of cells to carry out their functions.

Hence, in the case of several delayed periods, it is essential to contact a Gynaecologist in Tambaram.

Home Remedies To Deal With Stress & Menopause-

Lowering the risk of early menopause may be more challenging for some women than for others, depending on their health, medical history, and genetics. However, some home-based remedies are-

1. Meditation has been used for years to help de-stress. They can help refocus the mind and keep stress factors at bay. 

2. Keeping up a regular workout schedule helps reduce stress hormones. Including yoga and Pilates can help the body to release hormones that help stabilise mood and lower levels of stress hormones.

3. A restful night’s sleep will leave you feeling refreshed and reduce anxiety.

4. Stress hormone levels can increase due to foods rich in sugar, fat, and carbs. Thus, it is crucial to maintain a balanced and nutritious diet.

5. Depression can be another factor of stress. In such a situation, talk to your loved ones or seek therapy from a professional.

Irregular periods can be a real challenge for any woman. Before it worsens, check with an expert gynaecologist and doctors for irregular periods treatment in Chennai

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