Dr Manu’s Gynecology Clinic has its birth in T-Nagar in the year 1984. The clinic was started by Dr Manulakshmi, one of the best Obstetrician and Gynecologist in chennai to provide specialized birthing and gynaecology services to women.

With a simple 3 bedded facility and a labour room for deliveries Dr Manu’s Gynecology clinic started as a very humble set up.

Now after 35 years of successful clinical operations, the clinic has over 50 beds spread over 2 prominent localities of chennai city (T-nagar and OMR, Chennai).

Both Clinics serve approximately over  11,000 women per year for a range of women’s health related issues.

Dr Manu’s Gynecology  offers gynecology related health care services for a range of womens health issues as below

Pregnancy and Birthing (Natural Birthing)

Pregnancy deserves a personalized and holistic management strategy. Dr Manu’s Gynecology clinic specializes in the management of high risk pregnancies. The clinic employs a team of 3 board certified gynecologist in chennai led by Dr Manu. The main aim of course is to ensure that all our patients enjoy a normal trouble free delivery

Family Planning & Contraception

From fertility treatments to family planning and voluntary contraception, Dr Manu and her team of gynecologist do it all, most importantly with lots of love

Irregular Period treatment

Dr Manu’s gynecology Clinic Tnagar provides specialized expertise in the management of irregular periods. Irregular periods are caused by a range of problems. With state of the art hormone testing and imaging facilities we can definitely help get control of your cycles.

PAP Smear & Colposcopy

With cervical cancer on the rise, our well women initiative has helped us institute timely treatments to patients with suspected cervical cancer. We have an in house team of pathologist and visiting oncology consultants to help you win the fight against cancer.  

Ovarian cyst treatment

Not all cysts require an active intervention. Really large cysts that are pathological though need proper assessment to rule out malignancy. Dr Manulakshmi and her team have decades of clinical experience in getting rid of these troublemaking cysts


Endometriosis can cause severe pain during the monthly menses, it is also associated with infertility. Our gynaecology doctors in Chennai  led by Dr Manu specialize in treating endometriosis along with the associated fertility issues

Menopause Management

For women ageing is hard, much harder than men!. This is because of the decline in the reproductive hormones with increasing age. As women get close to menopause, numerous changes occur in the body and some of them can be pretty darn frustrating.  With a specialized menopausal clinic, we can definitely help you smoothly make the transition.

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